Tourist places near gokak falls

Plan a Trip. India Tour Packages. Log in. Chat with agent Enquire for package. Gokak Falls 2. Godchinamalaki Falls 3. Military Mahadeva Temple 4. Kittur Fort and Palace 5. Kapileshwara Temple 6. Jamboti Hills 7.

tourist places near gokak falls

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort 8. Vajrapoha Falls 9. Safa Masjid SkyZone India. Things To Do. Karnataka Tour Packages. Exotic Goa. Struck by Wanderlust? Get best quotes on your favourite destinations Enquire Now. Lost Indian Passport? Gokarna Shopping guide - the must-visit shopping places in Gokarna for all budgets.

Your trip will approximately cost. Trusted Partner Safe and secure Trusted and reliable Quick payments. We accept :. Latest trip ideas:. I am Sia, your trip advisor at Hellotravel. Plan your trip. Enter your destination. Your trip duration Weekend days Short trip upto 1 week Long trip over a week.

Select the number of travellers below. How soon to book Now 30 Days Not Sure. Select hotel and budget. The prices are only tentative and includes cost of flights too. Actual prices will be informed by the connected travel agent.Karnataka the beautiful land in Southern India is a lovely destination to be in, in the Indian subcontinent.

With the best pleasures of ideal travel locales, and the most fascinating travel memories, Karnataka is a must visit spot in India. Come to Gokarna the beautiful village located in the northern part of Karnataka, and lying between the Agnashini and the Gangvali Rivers. With the coast of Karwar providing ideal visual delights the name Gokarna is very unique and is derived from the world Go meaning Cow and karma meaning Ear.

tourist places near gokak falls

Legend has it that Lord Shiva was born here out of the ear of a cow and so the name Gokarna. This land was part of the Sodhe and the Vijaynagar kingdom and after this the Portuguese ruled it. Palolem is a lovely beautiful area which is the perfect beach destination for anyone coming to this part of the state of Karnataka.

Situated around 25 kms from Margao which is main Goan city this is around 30 kms from the Karwar town in the state of Karnataka. This beach has the cleanest beaches and the best landscape in this part of the country. With the shallow sea giving the swimmers a great time, this is a safe zone for all the swimmers and is mostly inhabited by the fishermen and is normally visited by the foreign tourists who love to bask in the pleasures of this lovely and magnificent region.

Situated around 58 km from the city of Mangalore, this is a beautiful island in the northern side of the Malpe town. This beach island provides ideal travel attractions to people across the country and is the ideal getaway spot for most of those who want to enjoy something different.

This group of islands is located around 58 km from the city of Mangalore and is a known mostly for its collection of basalt rocks that have crystallized into long columns and have been divided into hexagonal mosaic.

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Malpe is another lovely village here and is a great fishing harbour in the western coast of India. It has one of the most fabulous views and is situated around 5 km to the west of the Udupi town. This is the ideal destination for all those who want to take a sea bath. It is believed that Vasco Da Gama came to this island sometime in the year and then reached Calicut. These islands are the result of the rock formations which have projected out of the Arabian Sea around the village of Malpe.

The island really looks beautiful with eh lovely colour of the sea being reflected onto land. The northern most island is around a square mile in total area and is nor more than yards in total width. This is the only Indian travel destination where you can find the basaltic rock in such beautiful formations. Research philosophers and students have been thronging this place just to enjoy the pleasures of this unique rock formation and have had studies and projects on this volcanic rock.

tourist places near gokak falls

Add spice to your travel experiences by getting adventurous here and take the opportunity to collect some of the best shells here in the country.

They are seen spread across the beach and it is one of the best experiences to be here in this lovely land of St. Carry your drinking water and food with you so that you are not left without anything to eat. Bangalore is the beautiful Karnataka capital and is a lovely place to visit.

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Bangalore has a pleasant climate and is also the summer capital of the British Empire here. Bangalore has innumerable places of visit and is one of the most important places to visit in Karnataka. Accessible by air, road and rail this is one city where you would get to see the blend of ancient culture and modern traditions. Bagalkot district is another lovely place to go to in Karnataka.

Come here and see this hub of trade, commerce, industry and education. Accessible by road and rail this is a great place and has Belgaum as the nearest airport. Existent since the Chalukya rule here in India, this was the Chalukya capital too.

Places to Visit in Gokak

Located at the meeting point of the River Malaprabha and River Krishna, this is a great pilgrim destination and an ideal travel pleasure. An interesting region to visit in Karnataka is Belgaum. Existent since ancient times, this is one region which would provide you great historical interests. The capital of the Ratta kings, this is a modern town today.Heard of a waterfall in India being compared to Niagra falls?

tourist places near gokak falls

Gokak Falls, made by river Ghataprabha, enjoys the sole privilege of being compared to Niagra falls. Read on to find out what makes this waterfall in Kranataka stand out from the rest. Water from Ghataprabha River takes a long leap to give birth to Gokak falls. The water coming from this river is separated from Malaprabha River by hills. Gokak waterfall appears to be a mini Niagara Falls because of similarity in general characteristics of water in these falls like its shape, height and speed.

The significance of this place, other than this beautiful waterfall, lies in an old electricity generation station. It is here that the electricity was first produced in India in There is also a hanging bridge over the river at a height of about 14 meters.

It is meters long bridge on which only 30 people are allowed at a time.

Gokak Falls

The unique feature of this waterfall is the horseshoe shape of the cliff from which the water falls. The waterfall gets its name Gokak because of the abundance of Goki trees in this area. Gokak waterfall is located in Gokak area of Belgaum district in Karnataka state.

The waterfall is located at a distance of 6 km from Gokak. It is at a distance of 65 kilometers from Gokak waterfall. Though this place has a moderate climate throughout the year the best time to visit Gokak falls is between July and October. Skip to content Heard of a waterfall in India being compared to Niagra falls?

Location Gokak waterfall is located in Gokak area of Belgaum district in Karnataka state. By Rail: Nearest railway station to Gokak waterfall is Ghataprabha.

By Air: Nearest airport to Gokak waterfall is Belgaum. Where to stay Adarsha Palace Hotel in Belgaum is a recommended accommodation hub. Height Water falls from a height of 52 meters ft. Nearby Places to Visit There is an age old temple located in front of the river. This temple is dedicated to Lord Mahalingeshwara. It is a monument from the Chalukya era which is built in Chalukyan style. At a distance of 10 kilometers from Gokak fall is a village named Godachinamalki.Best Time: Throughout the year.

The Amboli hill range is the perfect getaway to enjoy wild springs, seasonal falls, amazing treks, and the powerful Ghats in its variety and fullest form.

This place is also known for its strong Hindu religious history and background. Some of the remote temples here are worth a visit even if you are not a devotee. The legend says there are about templ Best Time: July- February.

Kolhapur is a city in the state of Maharashtra and falls in the Kolhapur district. It is believed that the place was named after the demon Kolhasur, whose dying wish was to name the place where he was killed after him. Kolhapur experiences better climate than the other neighbouring cities.

This place is visited by a Best Time: September to March. Sawantwadi is located in Sindhudurg district in the state of Maharashtra. A lot of travellers stop by the place for refreshments and resting purposes. The place houses a magnificent royal palace which comprises of a hu Best Time: From October to January.

Located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is the picturesque little town of Dandeli. From nature walks and bird watching for the solace seeker in you to kayaking and river crossing for your adventures side. Legend has it that Dandeli got its name from a king named Dandakanayaka who passed through the forest and named them after himself. This little town is ext Best Time: November- March.

How many times has your 'Goa Plan' with friends been cancelled? Well, I'm sure after reading about the places mentioned below, none of your friends will back out! The synonym of Vacation is Goa. This beach capital city of India is every kind of traveller's dream. Bounded by Maharashtra t Best Time: October-March.

Tourist place near Belgaum/GOKAK FALLS/Gokak falls in belgaum district/Belgavi tourist places

Located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Tarkarli is a prominent tourist destination amongst the people of the country as well as foreigners. At a distance of km from Mumbai, Tarkali serves as an ultimate goal for the adventure seekers and beach lovers.Gokak in Karnataka is located around kilometres from Bangalore and kilometres from Panaji. Nestled in the hilly terrain of the Belgaum region, it enjoys a moderately warm climate and is surrounded by mountainous vegetation and rivers.

The city is surrounded by number of historic buildings and Temples. Here is a list of 7 places to visit in Gokak:.

Godchinamalaki Falls. Situated at a distance of around 20 kilometres, Godchinamalaki falls is a popular tourist destination. It is renowned for its stepwise arrangement that is spanned approx. Gokak Falls. The waterfall has a height of around feets. Yogi Kolla. One of the scenic beauty spots, the Yogi Kolla is a small village located in the foot of Western Ghats.

There is a renowned Temple here located in a cave type opening. One has to climb around to steps in order to reach it. Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary. Spread over an area of This sanctuary is renowned for migratory birds like European white stork and Demoiselle crane. Mahalingeshwara Temple. Built around AD, this temple is one of the oldest temples here. It is situated around 7 kilometres away from Gokak.

It is built in the later Chalukyan type of architecture. Toy factory.Surrounded by the prolific mountains ranges of western Ghats, Gokak town is an age-old town on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border. Many may not know of an interesting fact is Gokak town derives its name from the Goki trees that grows abundantly in this region. Gokak came to limelight during medieval period when it was under the able rulers from the Rattas dynasty who built great temples and brought glories to the town during the period of 8th century to 12th century.

Most of the major temples still standing today like the Mahalingeshwara Temple ,Duradundeshwara temple are built during these period. The electricity generated was then mainly used to feed the huge cotton yarn mills that proliferated during the colonial era.

There is a m long hanging bridge over the water falls which allows workers from nearby villages to cross and come to work in the mill. If you want to reach the generating station it can be reached through a ropeway, which makes it a joyful and thrilling experience.

Next to the waterfalls, there are some old estate constructed by the British to take care of its employees. It houses staff quarters, a social club, schools etc. To visit Gokak the months of July till September are said to be the best season to visit the place. It is this period of the year when the Gokak waterfall will be in its full mighty view and the temperature bearable. The roads to reach Badami are in great shape except few rocky patches in between. To know more on the Badami Caves do read my blog on Badami Caves.

Click Here. Distance of Gokak from Belgaum : 75 Kms. Distance of Gokak from Bangaluru : kms. Distance of Gokak from Badami Caves : Kms. Distance of Gokak from Hubli : Kms. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.The Belgaum Fort is a popular tourist attraction located in Belgaum. It served as an impenetrable barricade against the violent attacks of the enemies. Mahatma Gandhi was also imprisoned here during the Freedom Movement of India. It is well maintained, and there are pedal boats as well as motorboats available for tourists. The temple is located beside the Shahpur Flyover which connects the central city of Belgaum to Shahpur.

It is believed that the visit and darshan of the 12 Jyotirlinga scattered all over India will remain incomplete unless started from Kapileshwar Temple.

The Shivalinga here is said to have self-incarnated, and the inscriptions in Kamal Basti have references to the temple and say that the temple might have been opened in AD.

In a similar way as in Kashi, devotees are allowed access to the Shivalinga up close. The temple is open for devotees from AM to PM every day.

Kapileshwar Temple is visited by a massive wave of devotees during the Mahashivaratri. Gokak Falls is known for its beautifully turbulent waters gushing over the rocks and down to a fall of 52 metres feet.

This humongous waterfall has a meter long, hanging rope suspension bridge built over it that which allow visitors to walk right above the fall and feel the wind pushed by the river. The falls are located 60 km from Belgaum city.

Located in the Belgaum Fort compound, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is a calm and quiet place serving as a retreat to its visitors from the bustle of Belgaum. The building where Swami Vivekananda stayed for nine days when he visited Belgaum in was handed over to the Ramakrishna Mission for Spiritual and Social purposes.

The ashram was built inright after the renovation of the existing was completed. Two hundred years ago, the idol of lord Neminath was found in the jungle. The temple was built inside the Belgaum fort, along with Chikki Basti, which in the present time remains as a ruin.

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The name Kamal Basti is derived from the appearance of the temple as a lotus with 72 petals. Each petal consists of the name of the 24 Tirthankaras, for each period, carved on them. Today the monument has become a monumental structure, representing the chalukya style of architecture. Fort Lake is situated right in front of the Durga Temple entrance of the Belgaum Fort, welcoming tourists to the city. The Fort Lake has lush greenery surrounding it with walkways along its boundary with a regular crowd taking strolls.

7 Places To Visit In Gokak

Every city has a great Market that sells almost anything. The market sees a substantial inflow of people every day. Khade Bazaar is a 1 km stretch of road turned a marketplace that offers a wide variety of articles from Electronics to Fashion updates, every day needs to party preparations, Restaurants to Street food stalls.

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The market of Khade Bazaar and Ganpat Galli experiences the busiest days on Saturdays when people from all over the city come for their weekly shopping. Rakaskop Dam across the Markandeya River is a dam located on the outskirts of Belgaum city at a distance of about 16 km from the centre of the city known for its lush green environment that provides water to the complete city of Belgaum.

The Dam is mostly visited by couples who wish to spend a peaceful time together and families alike. Rakaskop has turned out to be a famous picnic spot not only among the people of Belgaum and surrounding places but also among travellers who visit Belgaum once in a while.

The village received its name due to a legend that says a Demon Rakkasa resided in a cave in the vicinity of the village. Accordingly, there is a cave on the hill with a Laterite figure in the shape of a sitting human figure. Located on the Camp Road in Belgaum in Karnataka, Military Mahadev Temple is one of the prime attractions in the city that has been built and maintained by the Indian Army.

Founded in by Lieutenant General S. Shrinagesh, General Officer, and Commander-in-Chief Southern Command, the temple is situated in the heart of a lush green park. In addition to that, there is also a play area for the kids. Located at a distance of 15 km from Gokak in the Belgaum district of Karnataka, Godchinamalaki Falls is a gorgeous waterfall based on the river Markandeya.

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